Television has changed in so many ways over the years. In the beginning, TV viewing was limited to the channels an antenna could pick up in the local area. This very much limited the type of shows a person could watch. In addition, most TV channels went off the air during the late night hours. This often left no television options for those who stayed up late. Then, the advent of cable programming changed the way people watched television. It added more stations with many different options for viewing. Many of these stations also had programming 24 hours each day. This finally gave options for late night viewing. Unfortunately, this still left many with limited options of entertainment.

Another issue of television was that all programming was on the schedule of the station. That meant that if there was a show coming on that a person really wanted to watch, they would have to plan their schedule around that time. The advent of devices, such as VCRs and DVRs, revolutionized television watching. It allowed people to record particular shows to watch when it was convenient for them. Unfortunately, this also had limitation. One must be constantly aware of the scheduled programming. Also, timers and schedules had to be set in those devices to record the program that was on. If news breaks occurred, or sporting events ran long, these shows could be delayed. This could often mean that part of the program would not be recorded.

Fortunately, there is now movie and television streaming services. These services allow a person to choice the movie or TV program they wish to watch and play it. There is no time schedule that must be followed in order to see the show. It can be viewed at any time of the day or night. In addition, if one was unable to finish watching the program, they could stop the show and come back to where they left off at a later time. This gives many people far more options and flexibility in their TV viewing habits. Since there are many of these services, one can compare movie and TV streaming services to find the right choice for their personal choices. They can even opt to utilize several of these services to provide the best experience for entertainment possible.